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3 Reasons We Recommend Assignments During the Interview Process

Interview assignments have been given a bad rap. Dishonest companies have abused them hurting companies that use them appropriately.

Company Culture and The Struggle to Define It

I know most of us are sick of hearing about company culture and cultural fit, but I hope you’ll hear us out. This is something we all need to understand in order to make the right hires and to find jobs that are the right fit.

Cheaters Never Win

Why do people cheat or lie? Do they think they can get ahead? Do they think they are not good enough? In life, we all know cheating and lying hurts everyone.

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Opposites Attract: How to Hire the Right Mindset

Opposites attract, right? This is what we’ve all heard our whole lives but do they really attract? Actually, no. According to science, opposites don’t attract. But, that doesn’t mean we should hire people that think alike, talk alike and act alike.

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