Dear Jen, 

I am starting my job search and I’m really struggling to put my resume together. I have friends that have worked directly with resume writers to write their resumes but I’m not sure if that is what I should do. What advice do you have?


Ready to start my job search

Dear Ready to start my job search,

Resumes aren’t easy to write. In fact, they can be quite daunting if you are new to the workforce or if you haven’t done a good job of maintaining your resume over the years. At TalentID, we feel strongly that each individual should write their own resume. By writing your own resume, you are forced to think about and relive your experiences and accomplishments. It ensures that anything included in your resume is something you are able to discuss in detail. When resume writers write your resume, you risk skills and experiences being over exaggerated or misrepresented. You also risk not be being able to clearly speak to everything that is written. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t work with anyone on writing your resume. Work with a recruiter or someone you know that is a good writer to review your resume and help you with wording, but you should be writing it. You need to know how to communicate clearly and sell yourself in your resume so that you are prepared to do it in an actual interview. We like to think about resume writing as interview preparation.

If you need templates, you can easily find resume templates online. Also, check out our blog post, 6 Ways to Make Your Resume Shine. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at