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Resume Templates

Each of our templates have been created with features you’ll love.

ATS friendly.

They’re easily searchable for the systems HR teams and recruiters use to manage their open jobs, and they are formatted in a way to let your experience and accomplishments shine!


All templates are easily customizable to fit your needs. Feel free to change heading titles and add sections as needed.

Designed to engage.

Our templates were carefully crafted focusing on design and usability to appeal to HR professionals and hiring managers.

Agency + Marketing Resume

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Marketing + Creative Resume

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Entry-Level Resume

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Resume Analyzer

The TalentID Resume Analyzer tool is one more must have resource for your job search!

Customizing your resume for the job to which you are applying is a requirement in getting the attention of HR and hiring managers. Our resume analyzer compares keywords found in the job description to the keywords found in your resume for keyword match and frequency. By ensuring these words match with a higher frequency, you are more likely to move forward in the hiring process.

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Cost of Living Calculators

If you are considering making a move, do your research before you start discussing salaries. You want to make sure that you can afford to live in the new city you are eyeing and you want to set correct expectations up front! These cost of living calculators help you to consider all the right things when looking at moving for a job from the cost of rent and utilities to food and healthcare.

Blog Articles for Job Seekers

We’ll continually refresh this list as we post resources relevant to job searching. Also, don’t forget about our other posts on the blog as they may relate to your professional and personal development.

How to Conquer the ATS

How to Conquer the ATS

Something crazy has happened and we bet you’ve noticed it too. Companies are pouring countless resources into filling vacancies, while employees are spending hours applying for jobs. How many of the applications actually get noticed? According to Zippia, “Roughly 22%...

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