At TalentID Group, we love marketing manager roles. They are fun because they combine the expertise from a variety of different types of roles we fill all into one role. They are considered to be the jack-of-all-trades. Marketing Managers are creative, smart and analytical. They also face a lot of challenges because their responsibilities are wide ranging across an organization. If you are considering hiring a Marketing Manager, or already have one on your team, know the biggest challenges they face so you can best prepare and equip yours. If you are a Marketing Manager, take comfort that you are not alone! The top 5 challenges Marketing Managers face are:

  1. Employers expect Marketing Managers to be a one-stop shop

The marketing field continues to grow with new strategies and tactics everyday. With the growth of technology, the tactics are limitless. Companies and employers expect Marketing Managers to be experts at everything: marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, media buying, SEO, PPC, analytics, content creation, social media, sales support, and more! That makes me tired just reading it all. Narrow down your key priorities and focus on what will provide the best ROI.

  1. Little budget available for projects

In addition to being a one-stop shop, Marketing Managers are expected to be magicians. They can’t make things appear out of thin air! Employers expect Marketing Managers to not only know everything, but they must be able to do their work with little budget towards the necessary  resources to drive the best results. Not every company has the luxury of big budgets, but companies need to be realistic about what can be done given available time, money and resources.

  1. Poor communication

Marketing Managers play a unique role in bridging the gaps between business operations, to marketing to sales. When there is a communication breakdown, results of work are hindered because Marketing Managers don’t have the insights needed to make the best possible decisions. In addition to poor communication, it becomes difficult to provide clear, up-to-date reports when you are wasting your time tracking down answers. Define communication and project management processes and you will improve results and satisfaction all around!

  1. Staying relevant

Marketing Managers often don’t have large support teams to help them. Staying on top of the latest trends takes a lot of time. It also takes time to learn how to do it and the best ways of doing it. In addition to the daily responsibilities, this becomes a tall order to stay on top of the latest trends in addition to doing all the other things required on a daily basis in their jobs. Allow time and room for learning and experimentation.

  1. Not having the right tools

Marketing Managers need the right tools and platforms to more easily implement tactics and work more efficiently. Ask your Marketing Manager to prioritize the top tools needed to do their job (and make a plan to invest in those tools/platforms) and you will have a happier Marketing Manager who is able to be more efficient and drive higher ROI’s when the tools are used properly.

We understand there are more challenges than the five we mentioned above! These just happen to be the top challenges we hear again and again. When we are filling these types of roles, we are realistic with our clients about what they can find and what they should be seeking to get top talent to take their companies to the next level.

If you are thinking about hiring a Marketing Manager or need help filling a role for a Manager we can help! Contact us or schedule a consultation to discuss it further.