Embarking on a job search can be intimidating, exhausting and downright overwhelming. As recruiters, we don’t like to think about it ourselves! The unknown can be scary. But we are here to help!

We can’t change the broken recruiting system, but we like to focus on what we can do. We can give you the tools and resources you need to knock your job search out of the park. And, in the process, we hope to make it a little less intimidating, a little less exhausting and a little less overwhelming.  

We have collected some of our top resources to help you start your journey to finding the job of your dreams… or at least the next job on your path to making your dreams come true!

Resume Builder

There are more resources than we can count available for building a resume. You can find templates all over the Internet with a simple Google search. You can also find basic resume templates through Microsoft Word, Pages on your Mac or Google Docs. If you are looking for something with a little more punch, check out the resources below.


My Perfect Resume

Resume Gap Analysis

If you don’t already know, HR systems parse resumes. That means they read your resume and put relevant data/information from your resume into their system for recruiters and hiring managers to easily search. The systems may also determine whether you are a fit or not for a particular role based on the information you have included in your resume. That is where the resume gap analysis comes in! This nifty tool allows you to input your resume text and a the text of a specific job posting and see where the gaps are in your resume content.

Resume Gap Analysis

Job Search Management

Now that your resume is in order and optimized, you can start searching for and applying to jobs. This part can get messy if you don’t have an organizational system set up from the start. Without it, you risk missing out on opportunities, confusing opportunities, not knowing they were supposed to get back to you and not being prepared.

We can’t control if HR is organized but if you are organized, you have better chances. These tools allow you to manage the full cycle of a job search from helping to search jobs across different platforms, tracking notes, dates, tasks to specific job details.  Excel, Word or Google Drive can help you do that but you still have to build out the system or format to keep it all organized. These tools listed below have already built the organization system for you.



Salary Scale

Sometimes it can be hard to tell where your salary should be. If you have worked at one company too long, your salary may have stalled. Sometimes, you feel as though you are underpaid, but you might not be certain how underpaid you are. There are a variety of tools out there that can help you determine a range of where your salary should be. But before we share, we want to give a word of caution as these are great tools to use but please use them wisely. Every role and industry has nuances that dictate what a salary should be. These salary tools give some perspective but nothing beats the research based on the exact market you are in and the exact companies you are considering. Once you have well rounded research, you can use it to negotiate the salary you deserve!






Cost of Living Calculator

If you are considering making a move, do your research before you start discussing salaries. You want to make sure that you can afford to live in the new city you are eyeing and you want to set correct expectations up front! These cost of living calculators help you to consider all the right things when looking at moving for a job from the cost of rent and utilities to food and healthcare.

Bank Rate

Nerd Wallet

Brush up on Skills

If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing! In digital marketing and emerging technology, you should always be on the quest to know more and learn more. The space is constantly changing and so must you! Don’t brush aside your passions for information outside your career. The more you know about things outside of your industry, the better you are able to relate to both cowokers and clients and you can also bring a different perspective to your daily work. In addition to the resources listed below, blogs, books and newsletters are also great ways to learn. These tools may also help you to brush up on or become familiar with a specific skill or tool prior to your next interview.



Hubspot Academy



Other TalentID Resources:

We’ll continually refresh this list as we post resources relevant to job searching. Also, don’t forget about our other posts on the blog as they may relate to your professional and personal development.