LinkedIn is a great place to network in the business space. When used properly, it is also a great way to find a job, even if you weren’t looking for one. The way we look at it is, you can never be too prepared. And if you are actively looking, hopefully, you won’t be looking for long! Keep these five tips in mind when building out or updating your LinkedIn profile:

  1. It is more general than a resume

Have a broad appeal on LinkedIn. Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to search for potential talent to fill their open positions. You don’t want to turn off a recruiter or hiring manager before you have even had the chance to talk to them. Keeping your LinkedIn profile more general, allows you to field a broader range of roles, which should all be relevant based on trustworthy information on your profile, and determine for yourself if it is the type of role in which you may be interested.

  1. Optimize your profile for search engine optimization

Make yourself easy to find. If you are in the digital marketing and emerging technology space, you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). Your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized for SEO or keyword searches, just like a website. Companies looking to hire use keyword specific terms to search LinkedIn for qualified candidates for their open roles. Make sure your profile includes the specific keywords for which you want to be found. But, only include keywords for which you have experience.

  1. Share your successes

Make your profile stand out. One thing few people do on LinkedIn (and even on resumes) is share detailed successes in their career. Regardless of whether you are actively looking or not, being on LinkedIn means you will hear from recruiters. Demonstrate your expertise with measurable results! Brag. Yes, it is your chance to tout your experience and your impressive accomplishments. You never know when the right opportunity might present itself…. And sometimes, when you least expect it!

  1. Get recommendations

Demonstrate your ability to get results. We are strong believers that if someone recommends someone else, they are very likely to be good at what they do. When you recommend someone else, you put your own reputation on the line. So why would you recommend someone that wasn’t good at his or her job? I wouldn’t! Ask those you have worked with closely to recommend you on LinkedIn. Ideally, you want to do it soon after a big accomplishment or successful project while it is still fresh in their minds.

  1. Build out your network

LinkedIn is about networking. According to, at least 70 percent of open jobs are never listed. The only way to know about these jobs is by networking. In my career, I can say that every job I ever had was from networking. Networking will help you get a foot in the door where others are unable. Connect with folks on LinkedIn. Engage with them, respond to posts, ask questions and follow your network on other social media channels. Then take those relationships offline and go to networking events or grab a coffee. It has never been easier to network!

What are you waiting for? Get your LinkedIn profile updated today. It doesn’t matter if you are actively looking or not. You never know when the opportunity of your dreams will come knocking. Put yourself in the right position for that opportunity to find you!