College prepares students for the technical training that they will need to succeed in the workforce. You might assume that these college graduates get picked over by employers pretty quickly, however that is not the case.

After publishing “A Day in The Life of a Recent College Graduate,” we gained insights into the recent graduate experience. Many college graduates struggle to land an entry level position. We decided to compile some excellent resources for college graduates and individuals looking to change careers. We’ve included our tips to landing an entry-level position after college.

Local Organizations

An often overlooked option, local companies provide many different resources to job-seeking individuals. We recommend getting creative and doing a quick search for associations and nonprofits with resume services in your area.


In Columbus, for example, Jewish Family Services offers a virtual resume workshop for college graduates. The Columbus Metropolitan Library offers resume services, career coaching and interview practice… all for free! These resources exist in your community too.


Not to mention, we offer free virtual resume services to job seekers!  Click here to schedule your 15 minute session with us today!


There are so many resources available at your fingertips. Doing a quick Google search will return thousands of options. Plenty of companies (for profit and non-profit) want to help you succeed!


In addition to building the perfect resume and brushing up some interview techniques, let’s start building your portfolio.


For most professions, a portfolio is a powerful tool in the interview process. They clearly demonstrate your experience and skills as a candidate. But how do you have a portfolio when you don’t have professional experience?


For recent college graduates, it can be difficult to put together a portfolio that truly reflects your strengths. How do you demonstrate your abilities when your previous work experiences include customer service and retail?


First, we recommend including all relevant school work into a digital portfolio. For more information on starting a digital portfolio, click here. Include anything you completed during an internship or co-op program. This is a great starting point!


Soon-to-be college graduates and career shifters can also take creative liberty. Did you know that you can add fictional pieces to your portfolio? Just be sure that your portfolio notes that they are indeed fake.


Websites like Upwork allow you to perform freelance work in your desired field. We recommend getting started in Upwork to build out your portfolio (and make some extra money while you’re at it).


Now that you built out your resume and portfolio, it is time to start networking. Making the right professional connections can open many doors throughout your career.


You might ask, where do you go to network? The answer is simple: Seminars! Seminars provide both an atmosphere to network with others in your field and continue learning. 


You can also become a part of an association or social networking event that meets regularly. For example, people who work in analytics may attend an analytics networking event. If you are local to Central Ohio, Columbus Web Analytics Wednesdays. Groups like this expose you to a variety of people in the industry you’re looking to get into.


Networking can feel nerve-wracking at first. How will you connect with people who have a lot more knowledge than you? The more you practice, the easier it’ll be! Who knows… maybe you’ll find a mentor out of it.

Finding a good job out of college can be difficult. Start by seeking out local organizations for guidance. They will happily assist you in building your resume, practicing interview skills and job hunting.

Get started on your digital portfolio and find some freelance gigs to build on your experience! Portfolios bring life to your resume and employers appreciate the extra effort.

Finally, get out there and start networking! Showcase your skills and what makes you unique. It only takes one meaningful connection to change the course of your future.

Are you a college graduate struggling to find a job? Do you have questions about job hunting or resume writing? Schedule a FREE appointment with us any Thursday during our Office Hours. We would love to hear from you!