That’s a question we often get asked and it is never a simple yes or no. As you evaluate your current position and future career goals, you need to be honest with yourself. I have made some difficult decisions over the course of my career but in each decision, once I was honest with myself, I was able to make the right decision putting my career and personal life back on the right path. Don’t underestimate how your career decisions can affect your personal and/or family life. The two are closely related.

If you need help navigating this difficult decision, grab your computer or notebook and pen, and find yourself a quiet place where you can consider these questions and make notes.

  1. What are my long-term personal and career goals?

We know this question may not be easy to answer. Some people seem to have it all planned out while others don’t know where to begin. Start by thinking six months to a year out. Then think about two years out. Take baby steps. You want to make sure your goals in both your personal life and career match up and that it is realistic to accomplish both at the same time.

  1. Is there opportunity to learn and be challenged in my current role?

We are all in different seasons of life. Regardless of the season, we need to be able to learn and be challenged so we don’t become irrelevant. We can do this through conferences, onsite professional development opportunities, new projects, new clients, etc. Decide where that balance is for you at this season of life.

  1. Do I have the ability to grow in responsibility?

To move your career forward, you need to grow in responsibility. It is a natural progression in life and in a career. If you are ready to grow in responsibility, make sure you are in a company that allows you to grow in responsibility while giving you the tools and support to do so successfully.

  1. Am I running towards something or away from something?

Running away from something doesn’t teach us to solve our own challenges. You first need to ask hard questions, push a little harder and even have some uncomfortable conversations. Until you do those things, you don’t know if your current position is the right position or not.

  1. Does my current company and position fulfill my “why”?

This is so important. We all have a “why”, a calling or a passion in life. We can fulfill our “why’s” in many different ways. For example, I love helping others. I love to serve others. I want to make a difference. That could sound a lot like a teacher, or a coach. In my case, it is recruiting, consulting and business ownership. Sometimes, I feel like a coach or a teacher! Make sure you are able to fulfill your “why”!

We hope that in using these questions to direct your decision, you find the clarity you are seeking. Don’t be afraid of change. That change may be just what you need to get your career and/or personal life back on track!