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The TalentID Resume Gap Analysis tool compares the keywords in a job description to the keywords in your resume. We will provide recommendations to improve the keyword match and frequency in your resume.

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Keyword matches are sometimes referred to as buzz words. These are the words HR and hiring managers are looking for in your resume. These are the types of words that tell employers if you have the right skills, abilities, experiences, certifications, etc. to do the job. Based on your current resume, we recommend adding the following keywords in order to better match the submitted job description:

  • Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit
  • Amet Consectetur
  • Adipiscing Elit
  • Phasellus Quis Sapien Ac
  • Nibh Pellentesque
  • Imperdiet Ut Id Dolor
  • Etiam Pulvinar Tellus
  • Nisi Posuere Commodo
  • Lacus Sed Luctus
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Your Resume Job Description

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Adjusting your resume and resubmitting it may provide you a higher rating and score.

Copy and paste your résumé and paste it into the field below, then do the same thing for the job description to which you are applying. We will compare the two and return an analysis and recommendations.

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