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Confidentially ask your burning questions about your career, your company culture and more.

Everyone has questions they want answers to. But sometimes, you think the question is silly or you feel like you should already know the answer. And other times, you just need need a different perspective. 

If you have questions, that means someone else does too and we can help! We have seen and learned a lot over the years. All Dear Jen questioners remain anonymous but we share the questions and answers on our blog. Have a question? Fill out our contact form and include your question in the message.

What We Do.

TalentID Group is a nationwide staffing, placement and consulting firm with a focus on the digital marketing and emerging technology industries.

Our Mission.

We’ve said it before; we are professional career matchmakers. We want our clients and candidates to love the work they do and with whom they do it.

Our Story

Jen Wells, Owner & President

I founded TalentID Group because I saw a problem in the recruiting world, particularly, in the digital marketing, emerging technology and digital transformation space. It’s a dog eat dog world and it’s extremely competitive. Companies struggle to find top talent and when they do, they can’t retain the talent. I wanted to put a stop to it – to help companies hire smarter and build out processes to improve their ability to retain top performing employees. In the end, it’s a win-win-win for companies, candidates and employees and everyone is more fulfilled in their careers.

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